What is Grumblr?

Founded by a stressed out teenager for other stressed out teenagers, Grumblr is a website where you can tell others about your problems and receive advice from other teenagers.

How do you prevent triggers or cyberbullying on Grumblr?

The website automatically flags posts and comments containing words or phrases that might be offensive or triggering for some viewers to be reviewed by a moderater, and if they are posted, they will appear with a precursor warning what they might trigger. Furthermore, if a user believes an uncalled for comment or post may have gotten past the filter, they have the ability to flag it for review.

OK, but what if something happens and we need an adult?

While the moderators are all teenagers, there are adults working in fields such as therapy or school guidance counseling who have agreed to assist in case of emergency.

How can I submit feedback?

Check out our contact page.